Thursday, August 3, 2017

Spartan Race Trifecta Weekend Krynica, Poland July 29, 2017

Below is my review for ORM of this weekends race. Beast was 23km with 1500m of incline and decline. Super was a similar course , 15km with 1400m ascend. Sprint was a similar course, 8km with 1100m ascend. I did 0 burpees on the beast and sprint, and 60 burpees on the super. I flipped at the end of the balance beam and scratched my back on the end beam , but they said i stil had to do burpees haha. Very fun course, technical terrain especially the long creek runs, and non stop uphill inclines. The sandbag at the end was very long, like 500m in total with the first half being a 20℅ incline. Ended being 67/1000 at the beast overall, raced in the competitive heat, and qualified for OCRWC. They were giving awards for the open heat as well, if i would have known i could have been first in that wave. Would be cool because they would announce my name and then country of origin!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Rysy trek, morskie oko - Tatry Mountains

On thursday while i was in zakopane, i didnt want to waste any day so i decided to hike the largest peak in the polish tatry mountains. Rysy has an elevation of 2499m. I started from Morskie Oko which lies at 1395m. The estimated hiking time was 4hr10minutes to reach the peak. I hikedthe mountainous cliffs in 2hrs and 10minutes. There were some moments where it was cloudy and rainy and I got lost. Some of the trails i did required rock climbing! The last 15minutes had chains on the mountain to help climb to the top. The total trek was from the parking lot to morskie oko to czarny staw to rysy and back. I did a total of 40km this day.

Gulbalowka, Zakopane

This was a short hike right after the rzeszow folklore festival. I ran with a friend, recorded 3km with almost 300m elevation increase. This took us 20 mimutes. I ran down the same way under 7 minutes.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

I decided to do a night hike across the cliffs of Moher. They are located on the coast south west of Galway. Since it was cloudy when I arrived in the evening, I was going to wait until the morning. I was trekking all night 42km in about 9 hours. 3 of those hours were full of wind and rain. I was the only one on the cliffs. During the night i ran with my head lamp. All i can see is little specks for eyeballs from.the cows and sheep. I also seen a cat, and what looked like a small fox. In addition there were 4 horses following right next to me so i never knew what would happen. I believe the cliffs are 5km long, and then another 15km to get to the northern town. My suunto watch recorded a total of 1200m ascend. The views in the morning were spectacular!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rise Up Challenge: Spring Edition

RUC: Where limits sease to exist.
Recorded 9.5miles with apx 300ft? of ascend. I was running with the group as my cartography skills aren't the best. It was a windy day so the arrows that were tied to the trees were pointing either to make a turn or to keep going. I think we did an extra 2km from either going the wrong way or covering extra terrain. There was many slack lines, most i've ever seen! Some slack-lines consisted of rings and holds, others contained bars. There was many different uses for these slack lines which was great. Trails were really nice, it was a jog for 2.5hrs. This is my 2nd RUC that I've done. I highly recommend wearing / carrying gloves. I ran with no gloves and my hands were numb after some of the obstacles. This has been a good recovery jog for myself. This event is a great way to interact during and after the race. There was even some food trucks and red bull at the finish line! The photographers were awesome, great way to get some professional action shots!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Spartan Race: Montana Beast May 6, 2017

Me and my mom were driving to Montana during night time from Calgary, and was thinking we can get there by 6am and race in the morning. Little did I know, the border was closed. We got there at 4am and border opens at 7am. After a short nap we start driving to the venue. It was a nice sunny day on saturday for the beast. Friends already are in the elite and competitive heats with the top finishers already crossing the finish line. I sign up for the open heat at 11.

This race was just extra training for me due to recovering from my plantar fascitis back in october. This was my third run this year, so I am not in race shape! I still feel pain in my heel so I just wear extra soles inside my shoes. The race ended up being 21km and 950m elevation ascend. It felt a lot easier than last year and previous years. Ended up doing 30 burpees for the spear throw. I thought I had it, the target was a fair distance away.
Since I was racing in the open, there was a lot of bush wacking for me. The rucksack carry was backed-up the most, so I had to go around all the people. The new obstacles like olympus and twister were fairly easy for me and super fun! My time was 3hr 30min. The first 5miles I felt great, after that I could feel myself slowing down and not running the easy slopes that I should have. More training is required. All in all it was awesome. Running towards the finish line and my mom giving me the medal, I was really happy!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hikes in Florianopolis

Lagoinha do Leste
In the morning, a group of us took a bus to the southern part of Florianopolis. This hike was really nice, a 2 hour long hike. I believe it was 5km up and down through hills, bushes, and rocky streams. Reward was some nice views, a lagoon, and a beach. Very relaxing day! There was also another hike on the other side of the lagoon. I recorded 15 minutes from the beach to the top with 200m elevation. It was another hour trek back to the city from a different trail.

Trilha da Boa Vista
This was a trail form Praia Barro to Praia Mole through Galheta. 2.6km trek , took apx 1hr for a jog/walk pace. It has some nice views of the cities and peaks of the park as well as the ocean. The terrain consisted of rocks, hills, bushes, and sand. Elevation gain was only a couple hundred meters.